A DNA marker is a quality or DNA arrangement with a known area on a chromosome that can be utilized to recognize people or species. It very well may be depicted as a variety (which may emerge because of change or adjustment in the genomic loci) that can be watched. A hereditary marker might be a short DNA grouping, for example, an arrangement encompassing a solitary base-pair change (single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP), or a long one, as mini satellites. For numerous years, quality mapping was restricted to distinguishing life forms by customary phenotype markers. This included qualities that encoded effectively recognizable attributes, for example, blood classifications or seed shapes. The inadequate number of these kinds of qualities in a few creatures constrained the mapping endeavors that should be possible. This incited the advancement of quality markers which could distinguish hereditary attributes that are not promptly discernible in life forms, (for example, protein variation).  

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