Diabetes Innovations

There is no cure for diabetes currently. But at UVA, you'll find research that's getting close. We're discovering ways to form living with diabetes simpler, easier and healthier with our diabetes innovations. A pancreatic transplant could also be Diabetes Innovations recommended if you have: Severe renal disorder that needs a kidney transplant, Acute diabetic complications or emergencies that cannot be prevented by insulin, Severe problems due to injecting large amounts of insulin, Severe and frequent complications related to diabetes such as severe recurrent hypoglycaemia. This procedure involves transplanting islet cells from a donor to a person with type 1 diabetes. After the transplant, these new cells are able to produce insulin. In some cases, people no longer need insulin injections after a pancreatic islet cell transplant. This device is still being studied and developed. It is a continuous glucose monitoring system. This system automatically checks glucose levels through the day. Insulin is then delivered as needed through the day and night. The monitoring system will allow you to keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range without daily testing or injections. Diabetes is an adamant condition requiring constant attention. Let me show you ways technology can take the burden off the shoulders of suffering patients and their loved ones. The treatment of the symptoms requires constant blood sugar control, which usually requires a sort of insulin intake at regular intervals, also as vital sign control and/or foot care. It is a very technologically dependent condition: you would like to watch your blood sugar level, your vital sign , your weight, follow a hotel plan , test your blood every now and then.    

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