Deep Vein Thrombosis

 Deep vein occlusion or DVT describes a grume (thrombosis) that forms within the deep veins set within the arm or leg. it's necessary to grasp the body's anatomy and performance to grasp why clots type in veins and why they'll be dangerous.

Arteries have skinny muscles at intervals their walls to be ready to face up to the pressure of the center pumping blood to the way reaches of the body. Veins haven't got a major muscle lining, and there's nothing pumping blood back to the center except physiology. Blood returns to the center as a result of the body's giant muscles squeeze the veins as they consent their traditional activity of moving the body. the conventional activities of moving the body returns the blood back to the center. Being mobile causes this blood come back system to fail, and therefore the ensuing stagnated blood might clot.

There are 2 varieties of veins within the arm or leg; superficial veins and deep veins. Superficial veins lie just under the skin and are simply seen on the surface. Deep veins, as their name implies, are set deep at intervals the muscles of the extremity. Blood flows from the superficial veins into the deep blood vessel system through tiny perforator veins. Superficial and perforator veins have unidirectionali valves within them that permit blood to flow solely within the direction of the center once the veins are squeezed

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