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Contamination is that the presence of a constituent, impurity, or another undesirable component that spoils, corrupts, infects, makes unfit, or makes inferior a cloth, shape, natural setting, workplace, etc. among the sciences, the word "contamination" will attack a range of refined variations in which means, whether or not the stuff could be a solid or a liquid, additionally because the variance of setting the stuff is found to be in. A stuff could even be a lot of abstract, as within the case of Associate in Nursing unwanted energy supply which will interfere with a method. the subsequent represent samples of differing kinds of contamination supported these and different variances. In chemistry, the term "contamination" typically describes one constituent, however in specialised fields the term can even mean chemical mixtures, even up to the extent of cellular materials. All chemicals contain some level of impurity. Contamination is also recognized or not and should become a problem if the impure chemical is mixed with different chemicals or mixtures and causes extra chemical reactions. The ensuing chemical reactions from the presence of Associate in nursing impurity could now and then be useful, within which case the label "contaminant" is also replaced with "reactant" or "catalyst." In environmental chemistry, the term "contamination" is in some cases nearly adore pollution, wherever the most interest is that the hurt done on an oversized scale to humans, organisms, or environments. Associate in nursing environmental stuff is also chemical in nature, tho' it should even be a biological or physical agent. Environmental observance is one mechanism offered to scientists to catch contamination activities early before they become too prejudicial. This journal invites scientist and scholar of this field to submit there recent research work      

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