Ceramics can be classified as inorganic non-metallic solid consisting of either metal or non-metallic compounds formed by subjecting them to high temperature liquid. Advanced ceramic materials were used for example refrigerator magnets in day-to-day life. They play an important role in modern medicine, where they are used in orthopedic surgeries as dental implants and bone replacements. Ceramic artifacts in the past play an significant role in archaeology in interpreting technology, people's actions and their history. Ceramic materials are brittle, hard and compressive, weak in tension and shear.     They can tolerate chemical oxidation occurring in other materials that are subject to acidic or caustic conditions. A journal is a regular publication intended to advance science further, typically by reporting on new work.While some of the oldest journals publish articles , reviews, editorials, brief correspondence, letters, and research papers in a broad variety of scientific fields, most journals are highly specialized. Journals contain articles reviewed by peers in an attempt to ensure that articles meet the quality and scientific validity standards of the journal. Each such article in the journal becomes a part of the permanent scientific record. 

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