Cardiotoxicity Innovations

 Cardio-toxicity can be called cardiac muscle dysfunction due to poisonous or deleterious effects on the heart of certain compounds. The key causes for cardiac toxicity are consumption of such pharmaceutical drugs such as bupivacaine or chemotherapy. Cardiotoxic agent has an effect on heart electrophysiological activity. This toxicity directly affects cancer chemotherapy patients, Antineoplastic drugs are among the main cardio-toxic drugs that cause vascular system toxicity. Innovations are new technologies, systems or procedures. Innovations are applying better solutions that satisfy new needs, inarticulate needs or existing market needs. It is proficient by making products more efficient, Processes, facilities, innovations, or innovative concepts the market, government , and society are readily accessible. Innovations are an original and innovative item that comes into the market or culture as a important, modern one.  

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