Local delivery of medicine has become another to beat many aspect effects of typical drug administration ways. Attributable to their novel properties, nanomaterials for controlled drug unleash have shown monumental potential within the treatment of cancer. within the gift work a chemotherapeutical agent, antimetabolite (MTX) was encapsulated into a sol-gel SiO2 matrix, as a reservoir for native controlled unleash within the treatment of a solid brain tumour like brain tumor Multiforme (GBM) in Associate in Nursing animal model. so as to check interactions between the drug and also the SiO2, many chemistry characterization techniques were distributed. FTIR chemical analysis showed proof drug incorporation into the oxide matrix because the presence of bands at 1504 cm-1, 1604 cm-1 and 1637 cm-1 reveals. this can be supported by UV-Vis results, since oxide spectrum noninheritable new options. The materials square measure mesoporous with a mean pore diameter concerning seventy eight seventy eight. In vitro drug unleash was performed by UV-Vis chemical analysis following the most optical phenomenon of MTX at 348 nm. Drug unleash was followed and monitored by sixteen days. For in vivo analysis GBM model was performed in Wistar rats once the growth was developed a reservoir was placed by stereotactic surgery. when 3 months of growth vaccination animals treated with MTX-SiO2 survived whereas in those untreated survival didn't exceed thirty days. [López T, Alvarez M, Arroyo S, Sánchez A, Rembao D, et al. getting of SiO2 Nanostructured Materials for native Drug Delivery of Methotrexate]     

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