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Biochip, the foremost exciting future technology is associate degree outcome of the fields of engineering science, physical science and Biology. it's a brand new style of bio -security device to accurately track info and World Health Organization is really doing it. Biochips guarantees to bring genetics. Biochips square measure quick, accurate, miniaturized, and may be expected to become as advantageous as a laptop chip. The potential applications square measure immense, each for analysis and for clinical use with vast market potential. Beside s, the potency of our approach is manifested by the preliminary compactly study decide to outline silicon chip, and discuss its producing techniques among others. This paper concludes that biochips have potential applications each for analysis and clinical use with vast market potentials. Biochips square measure any silicon chip chips that may be utilized in Biology. The silicon chip technology was originally developed in 1983 for observation fisheries, it’s use currently includes, over three hundred zoos, over eighty government agencies in at least twenty countries, pets (everything from lizards to dogs), electronic "branding" of horses, observation work animals, fisheries, vulnerable life, cars, garment pursuit, unsafe waste, and humans. Biochips square measure "silently" inching into humans. as an example, at least six million medical devices, such as artificial body elements (prosthetic devices), breast implants, chin implants, etc. square measure deep-seated in Oyebola, Odueso and Olugbemi (2017) twenty nine folks every year. And most of these medical devices square measure carrying a "surprise" guest — a silicon chip.

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