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Brexit provides a replacement dynamic within the fisheries environment. Within this context we've an opportunity to seem afresh at how we manage our fisheries to make sure they continue to be productive and sustainable for future generations. This paper seeks to start out an in-depth discussion to assist inform and develop the Scottish Government’s Future Fisheries Management Strategy. It contains a variety of ideas and proposals to assist deliver a future management structure which can firmly establish Scotland’s place as a world leader in responsible and sustainable fisheries management. Our overarching objective are going to be to take care of the future structure of small family owned businesses to support and increase inclusive future economic process of the Scottish fishing industry. Some fishing strategies cause environment devastation. Impact fishing and cyanide fishing, which are unlawful in numerous spots, hurt encompassing living space.Impact fishing alludes to the act of utilizing explosives to catch fish. Cyanide fishing alludes to the act of utilizing cyanide to daze fish for assortment. These two practices are commonly used for the aquarium trade and therefore the live fish food trade. These practices are destructive because they impact the habitat that the reef fish survive after the fish are removed. Bottom trawling, the practice of pulling a fishnet along the ocean bottom behind trawlers, removes around 5 to 25% of an area's seabed life on one run. Most of the impacts are thanks to commercial fishing practices. A 2005 report of the UN Millennium Project, commissioned by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, recommended the elimination of bottom trawling on the high seas by 2006 to guard seamounts and other ecologically sensitive habitats. This wasn't done.      

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