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   Thrombophilia (sometimes known as hypercoagulability or a prothrombotic state) is AN abnormality of curdling that will increase the chance of occlusion (blood clots in blood vessels).[1][2] Such abnormalities will be known in five hundredth of individuals WHO have AN episode of occlusion (such as deep vein occlusion within the leg) that wasn't aggravated by alternative causes. a major proportion of the population encompasses a detectable thrombophilic abnormality, however most of those develop occlusion solely within the presence of an extra risk issue. there's no specific treatment for many thrombophilias, however continual episodes of occlusion could also be a sign for semipermanent preventive medical aid. thrombosis may additionally  occur in additional uncommon places: within the veins of the brain, liver (portal vein occlusion and vein thrombosis), vein, excretory organ (renal vein thrombosis) and therefore the veins of the arms.[2] whether or not thrombophilia conjointly will increase the chance of blood vessel occlusion (which is that the underlying reason for heart attacks and strokes) is a smaller amount well established.Thrombophilia has been coupled to continual miscarriage,[10] and presumably numerous complications of gestation like intrauterine growth restriction, stillbirth, severe pre-eclampsia and upset.Protein C deficiency might cause blood disease fulminans, a severe activity disorder within the newborn that results in each tissue death and trauma into the skin and alternative organs. The condition has conjointly been delineate in adults. macromolecule C ANd macromolecule S deficiency have conjointly been related to an magnified risk of skin sphacelus on commencing medication treatment with Coumadin or connected medication

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