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 Diabetes prevents your body from properly riveting energy from the food you eat as a result of you're cannot create internal secretion or as a result of you cannot use it properly. there's no cure, however treatments enable you to manage your condition. DM may be a malady that stops your body from properly victimization the energy from the food you eat. polygenic disease happens in one among the subsequent situations:The duct gland (an organ behind your stomach) produces very little internal secretion or no internal secretion in any respect. internal secretion may be a present endocrine, made by the beta cells of the duct gland, that helps the body use sugar for energy.The blood vessels and blood area unit the highways that transport sugar from wherever it's either taken in (the stomach) or factory-made (in the liver) to the cells wherever it's used (muscles) or wherever it's hold on (fat). Sugar is not able to enter the cells by itself. The duct gland releases internal secretion into the blood, that is the helper, or the "key," that lets sugar into the cells to be used as energy.  

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