Aquaculture-activities Review Articles

 To develop aquaculture activities mass seed production technology is important . Hence in the present study an attempt was made to produce seeds in controlled condition. For larval development took a span of 22-26 days for complete development..The larval duration is more or less same for I and III zoeal stages according to Duncan’s multiple range test, likewise for II, IV, V and VI zoeal stages also are similar. However, I and III and II, IV, V and VI zoeal stages are significantly varied between one another . The survival which was observed during the primary zoeal stage is about 95 percentange and thereafter the survival was gradually decreased. The survival percentage shows that mortality was high altogether zoeal and megalopa stages. P Sound arapandian; Seed Production of Commercially Important Portunid Crab, Charybdis Feriata (Linnaeus)" Review articles are the summary of current state of understanding on a specific research topic.