AIDS Open Access Journals

 AIDS is that the late stage of HIV infection that happens once the body’s system is badly broken owing to the virus.     In the U.S., the majority with HIV don't develop AIDS as a result of taking HIV medication daily as prescribed stops the progression of the illness.   A person with HIV is taken into account to own progressed to AIDS when:   • The range of their CD4 cells falls below two hundred cells per cubic millimetre of blood (200 cells/mm3). (In somebody with a healthy system, CD4 counts area unit between five hundred and one,600 cells/mm3.) OR • They develop one or a lot of time serving infections in spite of their CD4 count. Without HIV medication, folks with AIDS generally survive concerning three years. Once somebody incorporates a dangerous timeserving ill health, lifetime while not treatment falls to concerning one year. HIV medication will still facilitate folks at this stage of HIV infection, and it will even be rescue. However people that begin ART before long when they get HIV expertise a lot of benefits—that’s why HIV testing is therefore vital. The only thanks to understand needless to say if you've got HIV is to urge    tested. Testing is comparatively easy. You’ll raise your health care supplier for AN HIV check. Several medical clinics, habit programs, community health centers, and hospitals provide them too. You’ll additionally get a home testing kit at a pharmacy or on-line.