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Clinical Investigation (OACLI) (2041-6792) plays significant role in the diagnosis, therapy and cure of diseases apart from new drug development and delivery. The Clinical Investigation Journal offers an Open Access platform to the scholars, amateurs, clinical practitioners and students that are keen in contributing their findings in this field.

A clinical examination is characterized as any efficient examination or study in or on at least one human subjects, attempted to survey the wellbeing, clinical execution and additionally adequacy of a clinical gadget.

Clinical examination is a part of social insurance science that decides the wellbeing and viability (adequacy) of drugs, gadgets, symptomatic items and treatment regimens expected for human use. These might be utilized for avoidance, treatment, determination or for diminishing indications of an illness. Clinical exploration is not quite the same as clinical practice. In clinical practice set up medicines are utilized, while in clinical examination proof is gathered to set up a treatment.

The expression "clinical examination" alludes to the whole reference index of a medication/gadget/biologic, in certainty any test article from its beginning in the lab to first experience with the purchaser showcase and past. When the promising competitor or the atom is distinguished in the lab, it is exposed to pre-clinical investigations or creature contemplates where various parts of the test article (counting its security poisonousness if material and adequacy, if conceivable at this beginning phase) are studied.

Why special issue?

The role of Special issues is to seek more volumes than regular issues, because the special issue articles have a very good Impact Factor i.e., a very well citation and many researchers explore their research works in a unique way in their field of interest. Many sources provide a variety of ideas for new special issues.

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