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1 Importance of Zinc and Mechanism of Action in COVID-19

Article Type: Editorial

Author(s): Waseem Fatima

Article Published date: 2022-04-18 | Page Num: 235

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2 Jobs Stress and Prodromal Psychosis Among Healthcare Employees with Different Job Roles

Article Type: Research Paper

Author(s): Zahin Amin, Sayed Shahbal Imtiaz, Ali Ibrahim Noshili, Amal Mohammad Hamdi, Hala Homoud Alrakad, Mohammed Abdu Abdullah Rajhi6, Huda Jaber Khormi, Wardah Mohsen Hakami, Hamedah Homadi Almaliki, Ali Ahmed Hamdi, Fawaz Rafia Farhan Alshammari, Rawiah Turki Hazem Alotaiby, Abdulelah Abdulaziz Alnazhah, Aawd Moid Abdullah Alalyani, Ali Shetiwi Ali Al Shammari, Khalid Hamad Alsulmi, and Amna Khan

Article Published date: 2022-04-29 | Page Num: 240

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1 Empirical Reality of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy in Borderline Character

Article Type: Commentary

Author(s): Christopher

Article Published date: 2022-05-02 | Page Num: 1

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1 Lower residual beta-cell function among diabetic children with familiar disposition

Article Type: Research Article

Author(s): Anna Jessen Rubaek, Esben Thyssen Vestergaard, Kurt Kristensen and Jesper Sand Sorensen

Article Published date: 2022-06-05 | Page Num: 1959-1965

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