Vitamin K status and arterial calcification and stiffness in chronic kidney disease: the chronic renal insufficiency cohort

Author(s): Rojat Javed

To evaluate the relationship between CAC (Coronary Arterial Calcium) and Arterial Stiffness (PWV) in adult patients with mild to moderate CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) using Multivariable-Adjusted Generalized Linear Models (MALMs).To assess the association between CAC prevalence (CAC), CAC incidence, CAC progression (100 Agatston Units/Y increase), and PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) in adult patients (MELD) with mild to moderate Chronic Kidney Disease (KD) (Chronic Renal Disease). A cohort of approximately 2722 participants (MELD cohort) was enrolled and two vitamin K status biomarkers (Plyllquinone and DPP) were measured (baseline and 2–4 year follow-up).