Therapies under investigation for treating Parkinsons disease psychosis

Author(s): Niem Tu Huynh & Philippe Huot

Parkinson’s disease (PD) psychosis is a distressing condition that affects up to 60% of patients at the advanced stages of the disease. It significantly impairs patients’ and caregiver’s quality of life. Current therapeutic options are limited, and only clozapine and, more recently, pimavanserin were demonstrated to be effective in Phase III clinical trials. Phase II studies, open-label trials, case series and case reports have suggested an anti-psychotic efficacy of donepezil, melperone, mianserin, mirtazapine, ondansetron, quetiapine, rivastigmine and sarcosine. In contrast, aripiprazole, galantamine and memantine do not appear effective to alleviate PD psychosis. This review article discusses some of the available therapies to treat PD psychosis and surveys drugs that have recently undergone investigation, or that are presently being studied to address this condition.