Supercritical CO2 technologies: A GREEN Alternative with Applications in Natural Products (HEMP) Isolation and Characterization

Author(s): Gerard Rosse

Supercritical fluid technologies for CO2 purification (SFC) and CO2 Extraction (SFE) are efficient and costeffective to produce intact extracts and high purity ingredients relevant to Hemp, Flavors and Fragrances, Herbal Medicines, Spices, Decaffeination, Sterilization, Nutraceuticals & Aroma Therapy, Algae Extraction and Pharma industries. The seminar covers fundamentals and latest applications of SFC and SFE in analysis and purification of chiral/achiral small molecules, peptides and complex extracts relevant to the Pharma, Hemp and other Natural Products industries. CO2 extraction is a non-flammable, non-toxic process enabling isolation of volatile/non-volatile compounds and leaving no trace of toxic residual solvent. CO2 purification is a form of liquid chromatography that happens to use CO2 as a solvent to facilitating fast analysis and separation of complex mixtures. Both SFE and SFC use reclaimed carbon dioxide and automatically recycle it, contributing further to sustainability, high efficiency, low operating costs and increased profitability.