Successful treatment of Swan-Ganz catheter induced pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm with a detachable coil

Author(s): Yusuf Alibrahim, Hooman Hennessey, Anthony Main

This case report describes the use of an endovascular technique for treating a complication of Swan-Ganz catheterization. Despite being rare, injury to the pulmonary artery is a complication of Swan-Ganz catheterization. Arterial catheterization can lead to mechanical perforation and hence creation of an extravascular sac, or pseudoaneurysm. With the advancements of endovascular procedures, a variety of treatment options currently exist in the treatment of pulmonary arteries pseudoaneurysm. In this case presentation, we demonstrate the value of detachable coils in the treatment of Swan- Ganz catheter induced pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysms.