Quality of life among men and women diagnosed with infertility in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Author(s): Maria de*

Background: Infertility is the foremost sensitive issue throughout the globe, it is the inability of a couple to connive or carry pregnancy. There are two type of infertility: Primary infertility and secondary infertility. The primary infertility refers to the couple have never conceived while secondary infertility refers to the couple is unable to conceive are carry pregnancy after erotic contact without use of any contraceptive methods. The statistics shows that the existing prevalence of infertility is more than 72 million around the world. Pakistan is developing country and the data is not compiled Pakistan is developing country and the data is not compiled, also is very limited statistic has been published in this regard.

Objective: The objective of the study was to assess quality of life among men and women diagnosed with infertility in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Methodology: Cross sectional study was conducted infertile people (n-377) in outpatient clinics of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. To assess quality of life of infertile couples adopted standard FERTIQOL was applied with certain variables relevant with study context. Data analyzed with SPSS software version 22 and finding present with figures and tables.

Results: The study found that infertile couples have low quality of life score 63.84 out of 120. According to study tool (FERTIQOL) Furthermore, study showed there was poor emotional condition which score was 14.29, mind body score was 15.49 which also poor. The relational score was 18 which concede average and social score was 16.05 which represent poor state of life. Infertile couple quality of life had association with deferent socio demographic variables like age, gender, education, income and types of infertility but not significant. The only significant association was fond gender and education. Calculated p-value was 0.00 and 0.16 correspondingly.

Conclusion: On the bases of study finding it’s concluded that infertile couple had low quality of life score. Furthermore, infertile people have poor emotional, mind body, social condition and average relational state of life.