Psychometric properties and validation of the Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire (AHLQ) on Cardiac Syndrome X Patients (CSX)

Author(s): Soraya Malekzadeh, Mei Chan Chong, Li Yoong Tang, Negar Omidi


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess the reliability and validity of the Persian version of the Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire (AHLQ) between patients with CSX. Considering that, there is no validated tools that to evaluate Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle for Cardiac Syndrome X (CSX) patients. Hence, evaluation of adherence to a healthy lifestyle is essential for planning treatments, guaranteeing their effectiveness, and deciding on future treatments.

Methods: In this study, 100 outpatients who were referred to the Clinic of Heart Centre Hospital were recruited by randomized sampling. The CSX patients were asked to fill out the demographic characteristics form and (AHLQ) questionnaire. Construct validity, internal consistency, and stability of the questionnaire were evaluated using confirmatory factor analysis, calculation of the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, and correlation coefficient, respectively.

Results: Evidence of sufficient reliability (internal consistency) and validity was observed. The reliability of the AHLQ was assessed by internal consistency and test-retest reliability. The reliability of each subscale was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha=0.943. The level of significance was evaluated at P<0.05. The tool has shown satisfactory validity.

Conclusions: The instrument has shown a good psychometric property, with high internal consistency and evidence of internal and convergent validity.