Prenatal diagnosis of acalvaria

Author(s): Moussi Marwa, Hafsi Montacer, Najjar Souhir, Dridi Faten, Smaoui Marwa, Mechaal Mourali

Acalvaria, a rare and severe congenital anomaly, is characterized by the absence of cranial flat bones, muscles, and dura mater, while retaining a normal cranial base and facial bone development. Despite its rarity, the prenatal diagnosis of acalvaria is feasible, with potential implications for management. This article provides an overview of acalvaria, including its undefined etiology possibly linked to post-neurulation defects. Although surgical interventions have not been documented in the neonatal and early infancy stages, understanding and diagnosing acalvaria prenatally hold significance in comprehending its clinical course and prognosis.