Phytobezoars presenting with acute intestinal obstruction: Pathophyology, management and review of literature

Author(s): Monika Gupta

Introduction: Phytobezoars are ball like masses formed of indigestible food material ball like structure, found in intestines. Trichobezoars are made of mainly ingested hair, more commonly found in stomach. Material and Methods: Seven cases of bezoars with intestinal obstruction were diagnosed from 20110-2020 have been diagnosed at department of GI, HPB and Minimal invasive surgery. Out of seven one had gastric trichobezoar and six had small bowel phytobezoar. Six patient had single bezoar and one had two bezoars. Since our centre is referral centre all cases which we managed are with intestinal obstruction needing emergency surgery. 6/7 underwent surgery and release of obstruction with /without intestinal resection anastomosis. All patients have uneventful recovery. Conclusion: Phytobezoars with intestinal obstruction are rare cases and mainly present in elderly. The entity should be known to Gastrointestinal Surgeons in order to deal with them and prevent the recurrence in these patients