PEARL translational network: an infrastructure for person-centricity and improved clinical outcomes

Author(s): Frederick A Curro, Dennis A Robbins, Frederick Naftolin, Ashley Grill, Don Vena, Louis Terracio & Van P Thompson

Healthcare systems should be transparent and easy to use and considered a joint venture between the various stakeholders with the goal of improving the diagnosis, treatment and clinical outcomes to control nations’ rising costs of healthcare. The stakeholders are many including an educational component, practitioners, payers, government and industry providing the treatment and medications. All of these variables and more contribute to cost escalation. Within this complex framework is the nations’ abiliy to provide some level of basic care for public health assurance of its populace possibly through the concept of ‘person-centricity’. The Practitioners Engaged in Applied Learning & Research (PEARL) Network was conceived through government funding and has evolved into a not-for-profit private enterprise. The PEARL Network is a hybrid network incorporating the benefits of an academic practice based research network into a practice based translational network with the principles of conducting pharmaceutical level clinical studies for regulatory submission. PEARL incorporates the philosophy of ‘person-centricity’ and operationalizes it conducting ‘person-centric clinical trials.’