Parish nursing: Reflection from Asian perspective

Author(s): Tapash Rudra

The modern day medical practice is almost galloping into a new orbit with the advent of new technologies and booming concepts that we could hardly imagine even in the last century. Advanced medicines will surely escalate the recovery of the patients from the diseases but it needs more emotional support that only the caregivers do provide. To be honest, the modern day parish nursing is critical here, as it predominantly emphasizes on the spiritual aspects to heal the patients. This fascinating branch of nursing care focuses on the holistic mannerism of healing the patients and that’s for it can cover up a huge community. However, Asian scenario as far as faith-based nursing is concerned is still a learning curve with respect to its global counterpart. Lack of professionalism, religious barrier and unclear outcomes are the chief obstacles in Asian perspective regarding parish nursing. Having said that, Asia, being the largest continent with a number of health issues coming up every day, we must look for options in nursing care. Therefore, parish nursing should be dealt with special importance to achieve the best possible outcome in near future from Asian nursing point of view.