Observational study of incidence and clinical patterns of Mesenteric lymphadenopathy among children in RVM hospital

Author(s): Attili Lavanya Nagaveni, Koratala Nikhitha chowdary, Metta Deepthi Kumari & Dr. Mohammed Abubakar


 In this study, the objective was to estimate the incidence and observe the presenting complaints, and clinical patterns of mesenteric lymphadenopathy with and without abdominal pain in children.


An observational study has been conducted on outpatients and inpatients of pediatrics in RVM Hospital (Laxmakkapally, Mulugu, Siddipet, Telangana). Total patients of 101 with mesenteric lymphadenopathy were recruited in the study and all of them were treated with theantibiotic drug metronidazole. The ML was diagnosed using the USG abdomen and Wong Bakers' pain scale.


From the results obtained, we hereby conclude that the incidence rate of abdominal pain in ML was 100%. the incidence rate of ML in patients who were admitted with abdominal pain was 17%. the ML was diagnosed predominantly in females.