Newly available treatments for epilepsy: review of clinical studies of lacosamide, ezogabine, perampanel and eslicarbazepine acetate

Author(s): Steve S Chung

Despite that many different treatment options are available for epilepsy, approximately 30% of epilepsy patients still remain refractory. Among patients who are refractory to medical treatment, only small percentage of patients may be candidates for epilepsy surgery. For the remaining majority of refractory seizure patients, combination treatment of different medications, especially with new or novel medications, can be an appropriate therapeutic option. The most recent antiepileptic medications may offer new mechanisms of action and more favorable safety profiles than the previousgeneration medications. The purpose of this review article is to review clinical studies of newly approved medications for partial epilepsy such as lacosamide, ezogabine, perampanel and eslicarbazepine acetate.