Lacosamide as a new add-on therapy for the treatment of partial-onset seizures

Author(s): Steve S Chung

Lacosamide (LCM) is a recently approved anticonvulsant in Europe and the USA. Efficacy data showed fast onset of anticonvulsant effects and significant reduction of partial-onset seizures, even in a severely refractory population. LCM is well tolerated, with the most common adverse event being dizziness, followed by headache, nausea and diplopia. LCM also provides a novel mechanism of action and favorable pharmacokinetic profile that includes absolute bioavailability, low protein binding, renal excretion, lack of hepatic enzyme induction or inhibition, low potential for drug–drug interactions, and a relatively long half-life. LCM can also be given as intravenous solution without significant cardiac side effects. Considering the fact that more than 30% of epilepsy patients remain refractory despite various anti-epileptic drugs, LCM may provide added benefit to patients with refractory seizures.