Knowledge and Practices of Nurses Concerning Surgical Site Infections: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Author(s): Hussan Zeb

Background: Surgical site infections account for 20% to 25% of all healthcare-associated infections. Nurses has a crucial role in preventing infections. Knowledge of evidence-based guidelines regarding the infection prevention is necessary for quality care. Aim: To establish the level of nursesÃÂ?¢ÃÂ?âÂ?¬ÃÂ?âÂ?¢ knowledge and practice and to examine the relationship between knowledge and practice regarding the prevention of surgical site infections. Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in a public hospital in Swat Pakistan. Data was collected from a convenient sample of 98 nurses using a validated questionnaire. Result: Nurses had low levels of knowledge (M = 70%, SD = 8.53%) and high levels of practice (M = 89.95%, SD = 4.06%). There was a weak, negative correlation between knowledge and practice regarding prevention of SSI (r = -.16, p = .04). Therefore, nursesÃÂ?¢ÃÂ?âÂ?¬ÃÂ?âÂ?¢ knowledge and practice in some areas of infection prevention needs improvement. Keywords: Knowledge, practice, nurse, surgical site infection; nursing