Initial of acute stent thrombosis after stenting based on balloon angioplasty continuously

Author(s): Hung Nguyen Duc, Lam Truong Hoai, Duy Nguyen Xuan, Kien Nguyen Trung, Long Nguyen Tuan, Vu Nguyen Hoai

Acute stent thrombosis is the formation of a thrombus that obstructs the coronary lumen following stent placement. It is one of the serious complications in cardiovascular intervention with a high mortality rate. The assessment and prognosis of patients at risk of acute thrombosis after stenting plays an important role in the selection process of the intervention strategy, but careful evaluation before the intervention strategy is not avoided from acute thrombosis. Therefore, the management of acute thrombosis during the intervention plays a vital role, preventing death during the intervention. We report that a clinical case of acute stent thrombosis is successfully managed using a continuous balloon angioplasty technique to prevent thrombosis, maintain flow to perfusion myocardium, and reduce complications and mortality during acute thrombosis during the intervention.