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Identification of factors contributing for the transmission of common cold among students in Hawassa university main campus, Ethiopia

Author(s): Tegegne Bayih* and Yosef Mitiku

Common cold is a cosmopolitan disease and the most prevalent causes of disease by rhinoviruses. Assessment on the factors contributing for the transmission of common cold among students. In Hawassa University main campus was done between February and May. Data were collected using open and closed ended questionnaires from randomly and subjectively selected students. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistical methods using tables, frequencies and percentages. The first factor contributing for the transmission of common cold in the students of Hawassa University was bad scent of the toilet. The best methods used to treat the disease were using of hot drinks and garlic. There are many different factors that can contribute for the transmission of the common cold such as when infected person speaking and coughing, dust when rainy, dust from class and bad scent of toilet. Bad scent from the toilet is the first factor that contributed for the transmission of common cold. Therefore, Hawassa University should increase the quality and quantity of toilets.

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