Hypertriglyceridemia Associated with Acute Pancreatitis, Case Series

Author(s): Fuad AlSaraj, Sarah Alkabbani, Montaser AlSmady, Rasha Awawdeh, Apoorva Bushan Singhal, Paula Medhat Ibrahim, Hossam Elshekhali, Seemin Shiraz

Hyperglyceridemia (HTG) is a rare cause of acute pancreatitis (AP) however, in many studies it was reported the third most common following gallstones and alcoholic etiologies. HTG could be familial in type I and IV hyperlipidemia or secondary to type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), excessive alcohol intake, drugs, hypothyroidism and obesity. Therefore, metabolic conditions causing pancreatitis are less common, representing 10-15% of AP. We reported four patients presented with AP secondary to HTG following reviewed hospital medical records of twenty-three patients admitted with the same confirmed according to Atlanta criteria. The patient’s age was range 35-41 years, two patients from each gender and three patients had T2DM. All patients had high Triglyceride (TG) on the day of admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and had responded to treatment of infusion intravenous insulin combined with Dextrose. We conclude, patients with DM presented with AP, the HTG should be highly considered as a cause in this group of patients however, TG is an essential blood test in all patients with AP.