Fetal Volvulus Without Malrotation Due to a Congenital Mesenteric Defect Presenting As Fetus Arrythmia: One Case Report

Author(s): Rajendra Fathi

What is Congenital Volvulus without a Prenatal Diagnosis of Malrotation? Our goal in this report is to provide a gold standard treatment approach for new-borns affected by congenital volvulus based on our experience and literature review. In this case, we describe a 715g Preterm Boy born at 29 weeks’ gestation and diagnosed with Congenital Valgus without Malrotation at 28 weeks’ gestation by Prenatal Ultrasound with Enlarged Hyper echogenic Loop without Peristalsis. The small intestine was herniated, volvulised and dilatated, resulting in necrosis and dilatation of the bowel. The nephropathies were resected and both ileostomies and jejunostomas were created within 30 hours of birth. Severe post-operative complications resulted in the death of the new born.