Encapsulation of Remdesivir with NV-COV-2 biopolymer delays formation of GS-441524 in vivo

Author(s): Ashok Chakraborty*, Anil Diwan, Vinod Arora, Yogesh Thakur, Preetam Holkar, Vijetha Chiniga, Bethany Pond

Among all the promising antiviral drugs, so far approved by FDA for using against SARS-CoV2 RNA viruses is Remdesivir (Gilead sciences). It is an adenosine nucleoside monophosphate, actually a prodrug GS-5734 previously been used against Ebola in rhesus monkeys. Here we will present the pharmaco kinetics of GS 441524 in vivo; and also the effect of encapsulation with our biopolymer NV-CoV-2 in there.