Diagnostic Dilemma: A Case Report of Isolated Pterygomandibular Raphe Rigidity and Review

Author(s): Megarasu Deepanjali, Varsha Baskar, Thomas Titus Kuttappan, Tangutur Srinivasa Prasad, Pedamally Manodh, Nissi Evelyn

Pterygomandibular Raphe (PMR) is a tendinous band of tissue which provides attachment to the superior constrictor of pharynx and buccinator muscles. Often overlooked, various anatomical variations of this raphe have been documented in literature. The purpose of this article is to provide an insight into a finding so rare that it has been reported only once in literature. In this report we present an incidental finding of isolated pterygomandibular raphe rigidity which posed difficulties in diagnosis and management. Because of the atypical presentation and obscure etiology, it was challenging to arrive at a diagnosis. As clinicians we must be aware that such anatomical variations exist. Diagnosis and treatment should be provided keeping the patients requirements in mind