Diabetes Management during Labor and Delivery

Author(s): Andrea Ricci

During labor, controlling hyperglycemia is essential to achieving better outcomes for both the mother and the baby. This is especially important for mothers with type 1 diabetes who are pregnancies and for all mothers who require insulin treatment during pregnancy. The management of hyperglycemia during the immediate antepartum period is made more difficult by the use of antenatal steroids in mothers at risk of preterm birth, which necessitates adjustments to insulin therapy’s dosage. During active labor, mothers are typically asked to be nil per orum. In the hours leading up to the baby’s birth, this necessitates proper management of fluid, glucose, and insulin. Patients still require glucose insulin infusions until they are able to eat and drink normally if the woman has an operative delivery. The management of hyperglycemia during labor and the immediate postpartum period is the primary focus of this review. Also discussed is a schedule for women taking steroids during the antepartum period. In women who are nil orally, the review suggests a practical glucose insulin regimen that can be followed during active labor. The review concludes with a discussion of these women’s immediate postpartum management.