COVID-19 and Key Digital Transformation Lessons for Higher Education Institutions in USA

Author(s): David Milar Mhlanga

COVID-19 has left associate degree clear impression on the globe stage. it’s altered the global socio-economic landscape, forcing people to adapt and embrace new ways in which of doing business, similarly as new ways in which of life. One among the foremost vital effects of the pandemic was to hasten the adoption of digital technologies by several areas of the worldwide economy. Field closures were ascertained within the educational activity sector, golf shot associate degree finish to long-standing face-to-face teaching and learning. This necessitated the foremost fast paradigm shift ever seen during this trade to continue educating and learning. Associate degree abrupt amendment to on-line learning, that is primarily dependent on digital technologies, occurred. As a result, the aim of this text is to analyze and determine 10 critical digital transformation lessons from COVID-19 for South African educational activity establishments. Secondary knowledge gathered from the literature analysis were wont to meet the study’s goal. The study concluded by birthing out the foremost necessary digital transformation lessons for African nation, including the notion that the country ought to try to make digital capabilities as a result of digital technology gaps remain wide, among different things.