Congenital Anterior Urethrocutaneous Fistula: A Case Report

Author(s): Changkai Deng, Qiang Peng, Xianliang Hu,Yang Lin, Fulin Li, Chao Ma, Feng Liu

Congenital anterior urethrocutaneous fistula (CAUF), is a uncommon anomaly characterised by fistulisation of penile urethra to skin. It’s usually seen as an isolated deformity or may accompany genitourinary or anorectal malformations. The cause is obscure, but probably reflects a focal defect in the urethral plate that prevents fusion of the urethral folds. This case reports states that CAUF is mainly located in subcoronal level and treatment of this entity is personalized according to size and locatiton of fistula. Success rates are high with the principles of hypospadias surgery