Cognitive training through DVD: Working memory task as a tool for rehabilitation in elders

Author(s): Viviane Marques*,Luise Alexandre Rocha Soutinho, Monica Marins, Victor Marinho,Silmar Teixeira, Victor Hugo Basto, Marco Orsini

Studies have shown that working memory tasks minimize the cognitive disabilities associated with old age. In this context, the present study examined the bavioral changes of working memory in elders during a cognitive training through DVDs. The results show that there significance in MMSE tests (p=0.001), self-evaluation (p=0.002) and verbal fluency test in the semantic category (p=0.022). However, verbal fluency tests of spelling criterion and free evocation did not present significant differences (p ≥ 0.05). Based on the findings, we suggest that recurring training with working memory tasks through DVDs promotes neural adaptations compared to retaining and recalling the memory, promoting a compensatory effect in the performance and maintenance of cognitive skills. In addition, the training of working memory through DVDs offers a non-invasive, non-pharmacological and low-cost alternative for rehabilitation.