Clinical and therapeutic aspects of cerebral thrombophlebitis of postpartum

Author(s): Ragmoun Houssem, Mhelheli Riadh, Hafsi Montacer, Ben Moumen Olfa , Gomri Emna

Cerebral thrombophlebitis are rare pathologies (1/5000 births). Pregnancy and postpartum are favorable circumstances: their clinical symptomology is entertained and varied dominated by headaches, convulsions and neurological deficits but no specific signs. The physical examination is often poor and ready for confusion with many other affections. The diagnosis of certainty can only be neuroradiological. MRI is currently the reference method; it allows the visualization of venous thrombus and the monitoring of its evolution. The treatment of these TPC is mainly medical based on anticoagulants. In four observations of TPC, postpartum and a literature review, we will focus on the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic management