Chinese Medicine Poisoning due to Strychnine

Author(s): Alaster Cook

Strychnine is uncommon however potentially deadly. The most revealed wellsprings of strychnine incorporate rodenticides and debased road heroin. Here we report a case series of a strange reason for strychnine harming - Strychni semen, a spice known as “maqianzi” in customary Chinese medication (TCM). Around a century prior, the wide accessibility of strychnine as an over-the-counter solution for an assortment of afflictions caused a critical number of passings, particularly in kids. Accordingly, strychnine has been removed from the food and medication markets in numerous nations, and harming is currently intriguing. These days, the most revealed wellsprings of harming incorporate rodenticidesand debased road heroin5-. Strychni semen, a spice otherwise called “maqianzi” in customary Chinese medication (TCM), likewise contains strychnine along with its less harmful simple, brucine. The spice is utilized for its pain relieving, against diarrheal, cancer prevention agent, calming, antimicrobial and hostile to neoplastic properties