Cellular matrix for female sexual dysfunction

Author(s): Ksenija Selih Martinec

WHO describes sexuality as a central aspect of being human throughout life, yet there are so many sexual dysfunctions between men and women? Prevalence of female sexual dysfunction ranges from 25-63% and in postmenopausal women it is well over 80%. These conditions are frequently underdiagnosed and undertreated. Women find it difficult to talk about it. Many women are unaware that symptoms progress without treatment, and that safe and effective treatment are available. Platelet rich plasma entered the field of gynecology after 2011 when dr. Adrian Gaspar released a study where he combined PRP and CO2 laser and got an important improvement of vaginal mucosa histology and a decrease of discomfort during sex. Since then PRP is used for many gynecological indications. I started using PRP in gynecology in 2012 and the same year I begin to perform O shot where PRP is injected in clitoral tissue and urethrovaginal septum in order to improve sexual function in women. Since 2015 I use a special medical device Cellular Matrix for most gynecological indications and I find it as a safe and very effective treatment.