Case report: Intranasal Spravato (Esketamine) use in treatment-resistant major depressive disorder in a patient with significant psychosocial stressors

Author(s): Anastasia Masle, Teresa Canova, Gabriel Martinez

Millions of people in the US are affected by depression which causes a significant decrease in quality of life and daily functioning for affected individuals. In many cases, depression persists despite multiple treatments, and medical professionals are always looking for new methods to alleviate the burden of depression. Our case report describes an observation of Spravato treatment in a patient with treatment-resistant depression who has a history of significant psychosocial stressors. Psychosocial factors can play a significant role in treatment outcomes for patients across different fields of medicine. Helping the patient to build effective coping skills to deal with life stressors and to find adequate social support could positively contribute to successful treatment of the disease.