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Cardiotoxicity of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning Mimicking Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Rare Case Report and a Brief Review of Literature

Author(s): Vajed Mogal, Sandeep Sanap, Anirudh Dharmadhikari, Manoj Patel

Intense Aluminum Phosphide (ALP) or Celphos harming is very deadly and perpetually self-destructive in nature. Lamentably it’s high poisonousness and nonattendance of a particular cure brings about high mortality. Aluminum phosphide harming is regular in India. It is one of the most deadly toxic substances. The clinical range of harming differs relying on the measurements and span of utilization. The fundamental impact of the toxic substance is because of the arrival of phosphine which hinders cytochrome oxidase and in this manner hampers cell oxygen usage. Practically any organ can be influenced by aluminum phosphide poisoning. We report a situation where the heart was the dominatingly influenced organ. The result is poor, generally because of deferral in proper administration and incredulity among clinicians in regards to the result.

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