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Body mass index: not a predictor for hiatus hernia of esophagus

Author(s): Ali Asad Khan*, Ali Salman Khan, Yasir Shafi, Anam Ali & Sajid Abaidullah

Objectives: Hiatus Hernia is one of the leading gastrointestinal problems in Pakistan. The study was conducted to establish the association between body mass index (BMI) and hiatus hernia and assess the predictive value of BMI in patients of hiatus hernia and esophagitis. Methods: During this descriptive case series, 372 patients were selected who presented with epigastric pain or refractory GERD. All the patients underwent gastroscopy using Olympus CLV-260 series gastroscope. Endoscopic findings were observed for grades of hiatus hernia (Hill classification) and stages of esophagitis (Savary-Miller classification). BMI was calculated using height and weight of the patients. Results: A chi square test of independence established that the association between BMI & hiatus hernia was significant (p<.01) but no significant association was found between BMI and esophagitis (p=.14). A series of logistic regression analyses showed that BMI was not a significant predictor of hiatus hernia though age and gender were significant predictors. It was also revealed that normal BMI was a significant predictor of Grade I esophagitis. Conclusion: BMI is not a significant predictor of the grades of hiatus hernia and esophagitis. Further studies need to be conducted to establish stronger predictors of severity of hiatus hernia and esophagitis.

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