Autoimmune disease and mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic diseases

Author(s): Martins IJ

Anti-aging genes such as Klotho, FOXO 3a, p66shc and Sirtuin 1 (Sirt 1) are connected to various chronic diseases and repression of Sirt 1 is involved with the transcriptional dysregulation of other anti-aging genes (Klotho, p66shc, FOXO1/FOXO3a) that leads to abnormal regulation of glucose, lipid and amyloid beta metabolism associated with programmed cell death in various cell and tissues. Anti-aging genes and their connections to autoimmune disease and chronic diseases has attracted interest with relevance to irreversible programmed cell death in many tissues. Dietary effects with Sirt 1 downregulation accelerate disease progression with autonomous disease connected to a defective immune system in various global communities.