Atrial extrasystole and left atrial strain: A brief report

Author(s): Jose M. Soler, Maria A. Baltrons

In this short study I summarize my experience with the use of the Left Atrial Strain (LAS) in patients without organic heart disease with palpitations and presence of isolated or repetitive Short Atrial Extrasystole (PACs) including isolated forms of isolated Atrial Fibrillation (AF). For this, I developed a database with 270 patients collected over two years including clinical variables, electrocardiographic with continuous monitoring of three days and conventional echocardiography with the additional contribution of the functional study of the left atrium with two-dimensional LAS of two basal chambers, including the dynamic study with PACs in cases where possible. My most relevant finding was the detection of a case with possible anatomical-functional block in possibly specific intraatrial electromechanical conduction, as well as the potential usefulness of LAS with the incorporation of extrasystole in relation to atrial cardiomyopathy