Assessment of psychosocial variables in adults with and without mental illnesses

Author(s): Farrukh Zahor Ahmad, Shafaq Ahmad and Sehrish Irshad

This study assessed two different psychosocial variables family functioning and social support in the sample of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and substance use disorders) and healthy controls. Family functioning was evaluated with Family Assessment Device [1] and social support was examined with Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support [2] for 120 healthy controls and 120 diagnosed out patients. Results indicated that healthy participants scored higher on social support questionnaire and lower on family assessment device. Moreover, perception of social support was better in participants with anxiety disorders in comparison to depression, substance use and schizophrenia respectively. Furthermore, participants with anxiety disorders reported improved family functioning than schizophrenia, depression, substance use respectively.