Application of biomarkers in oncology clinical trials

Author(s): Naveen Dakappagari, Hua Gong, Reinhold Pollner, Amara Siva, Shabnam Tangri & Jelveh Lameh

Technological advancement and the discovery of various biomarkers have made personalized/precision medicine a reality. Thus, pharmaceutical companies have targeted many deregulated pathways for the development of specific cancer therapeutics, making the practice of precision medicine a reality for cancer patients. With the exploration of novel cancer therapies, advanced genetic- and protein-based assays are used to ensure that the correct patients are selected for each clinical trial. Technological tools are applied in order to assess the genetic makeup of each patient and changes in the expression of specific protein biomarkers. Here, we describe the utility of genetic- and protein-based technologies for the identification and monitoring of biomarkers in oncology clinical trials. Moreover, we discuss how technological advances may serve as tools for the development of future cancer therapeutics.