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Acute Pneumonia: A New Look at the Old Problem

Author(s): Igor Klepikov

In recent decades, treatment of acute pneumonia focused solely on antibiotic therapy does not include pathogenetic, specific assistance methods and repeats the treatment principles of other inflammatory diseases. According to current therapeutic and preventive protocols, a particular type of inflammation can be believed to be Acute Pneumonia. There is a strong contrast between existing approaches to the treatment of AP and the following well-known facts.

1. AP is not a specific infectious disease.

2. Approval, there is no absolute evidence of the priority position of specific pathogens in the etiology of AP, for the vast majority of these patients were cured and cured without clarifying the etiology of the disease. Cause a significant increase in septic complications AP, unlike expectations, remains without a reasoned explanation on the background of total pneumococcal vaccination.

3. Some non-specific bacteria reflect the etiology of AP. Such microorganisms are usually found in the symbionts of healthy people.

Reducing the efficacy of antimicrobial drugs, the emergence and rising numbers of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and a steady increase in the incidence of purulent complications add significance and urgency to solving this issue. A revision of ideas about the existence and processes of AP is the first step in this decision. This work was carried out and tested in a clinical setting at Novokuznetsk State Institute

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